Public Consultation on a new Energy Market Design

The European Comission has launched a public consultation on the new energy market design, which is part of the Summer Package released on 15 July 2015. The consultation document adresses specific questions to all stakeholders such as EU and Member States' authorities, energy market participants and their associations, SMEs, energy consumers, NGOs, and citizens. Among several issues, the consultation questions are related to market prices, barriers for demand-response, support for renewables integration, and the roles of the local and regional authorities.

The IndustRE consortium intends to prepare a contribution to this consultation based on the feedback collected under the Stakeholder Consultation activities. Stakeholders will provide input via a questionnaire developed in the scope of IndustRE tasks. The questionnaire will aim to identify Stakeholder's view on factors that restrict the applicability of the business models created in the IndustRE, which intend to commercially exploit industry's flexibility in electricity demand.

View here the consultation document