Large industrial electricity users and variable renewable energy plant operators

Get involved in the formulation of innovative business models Be among the first ones that will benefit from: tools for assessing the flexibility of your industrial units and its market value model contracts that facilitate bilateral agreements for the application of innovative business models


Consultancies, professional and service providers

Get trained in applying the industrial flexibility assessment methodology in your country and in your industrial domain.


Power market actors, regulators and policy makers

Get involved in the formulation of improvements in the market and regulatory framework, fully respecting the main European and national energy policy principles, with quantified benefits for the power system.

About the project

IndustRE has identified the flexibility potential of the industrial electricity demand as an opportunity that - through innovative business models - can facilitate further growth and integration of variable renewable energy, while reducing the industrial electricity costs. In this project the electricity intensive industry in Europe works closely with the renewable energy sector in order to find common ground and create win-win situations.

These business models:
(a) create win-win situations for the involved parties
(b) support the further deployment of variable renewable energy without dependence on support schemes
(c) bring benefits for the power system and the environment
(d) can be applied in the current market and regulatory framework of the target countries.


  Energy Industry - Renewable sources cooperation

The overall objective of the project is to use the potential for flexibility in energy intensive industries to facilitate further market uptake of variable renewable electricity, through innovative business models and regulatory improvements. In order to achieve this, the work has been structured around the following objectives:

  • Present suitable business models and facilitate their adoption
  • Formulate policy recommendations
  • Quantify the potential benefits for the power system
  • Move industry and variable renewable energy plant operators into action