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The IndustRE project was represented by the European Copper Institute to the 2015 Annual Conference of the Council of European Energy Regulators -CEER (29 January 2015). The conference was attended by over 150 delegates and focused on "unlocking energy market flexibility and demand-side response", underlining the importance of consumers in providing the much needed flexibility to the power system. The event looked at the challenges of delivering flexibility at wholesale and network level as well as innovative approaches to unlock consumers’ contribution to flexibility. The main focus was on residential customers, but a presentation on the contribution from industrial users was of direct relevance to the IndustRE project. The event has confirmed that the IndustRE project is working on a topic at the top of the European energy policy agenda, but has also shown that the focus is very much on the residential side and the project's work on industrial users provide useful contributions.


"Renewable Energies & Flexible Industrial Consumption" Conference

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IndustRE at the European Utility Week

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